Saturday, November 03, 2012

More Amazing Amaryllis

Last time (New Amaryllis Bulbs Double the Fun! ~ just click to view) we looked at the progression of two Amaryllis bulbs, 'Double Dragon' and 'Blossom Peacock', from bud to full bloom.  These beautiful double-flowered Amaryllis graced the windowsill for an extended period and, in fact, have overlapped with the next flush of single blooms from my other winter-potted bulbs.

 Double 'Red Dragon' Amaryllis

Double 'Blossom Peacock' Amaryllis

These doubles have been spectacular!
'Melusine' (top center) and below this, 'Apple Blossom' and 
'Moonlight' have since joined in this celebration of bloom.
 'Apple Blossom' is a single white, flushed with pink and 
is familiar to many Amaryllis fanciers. 
This particular bulb produced three flower stalks in 2011
and I was happy to see it rebloom (after growing all of last
season and a subsequent rest)... sporting two stalks, thus far.
 The two flower stalks of 'Moonlight' started opening 
just before those of 'Apple Blossom'.
I enjoy the simplicity of the green throat contrasted 
against the sparkling, shimmering white petals.
 As the doubles begin to fade, they frame the new stars 
of my windowsill stage.
 Latest to open, is 'Melusine' ~ glistening white with 
rich burgundy streaks... as if someone had filled the 
throat with burgundy paint and feathered it out toward 
the petal tips.  Outstanding!
 'Moonlight' backlit by morning light
'Melusine' in the morning
'Apple Blossom' competes with 'Moonlight'
 'Apple Blossom'
 'Moonlight' ~ up close
 'Melusine' by morning
 'Melusine' by evening
Ethereal morning shots...

What's next???  This appears to be the next star of my 
flower show... a single deep red called 'Red Pearl'. 

The picotee 'President Johnson' and white 'Amputo' 
will be joining the others, soon!

More photos to come!

One more?
 Although I potted up this bulb as well, it is not part of 
the above flower show, as it resides on my mum's 
kitchen counter in the morning sun.  This was the first 
flower stalk, which has since faded.  She is now enjoying 
the unfurling buds of a second stalk.  The pink/peach 
semi-double flowers of 'Rilona' are a rare treat, indeed!

Photos/Text ©Deb Lambert 2012

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